A P2P platform supporting virtual communities to assist independent living of senior citizens

Deliverables List

No.Deliverable TitleWP no.
D1.1Intermediate reportWP1
D1.2Final reportWP1
D1.3 Ethical Issues and Data Protection Plan WP1
D1.4Ethical issues reportWP1
D1.5Project Web SiteWP1
D2.1 ICT for the elderly people - Existing schemes and future perspectives WP2
D2.2 PeerAssist use scenarios definition WP2
D2.3 Definition of global requirements, trials and demonstration WP2
D3.1 Methods for capturing user intent WP3
D3.2 Personal assistant top module WP3
D3.3 Methods for context modelling and representation WP3
D3.4 Methods for context processing and query matching WP3
D3.5 P2P overlay networks for PeerAssist WP3
D4.1The overall system architecture and implementation platform WP4
D4.2Description and evaluation report of mock-ups and step-by-step prototypes of realistic candidates for the final user interface WP4
D4.3Design the context management and matching subsystemWP4
D4.4Design of P2P communications, security and trust mechanisms WP4
D5.1PeerAssist User InterfaceWP5
D5.2PeerAssist Semantic layer WP5
D5.3PeerAssist P2P layer WP5
D5.4PeerAssist prototypical applications WP5
D5.5PeerAssist Target PlatformWP5
D5.6PeerAssist Trial BoxesWP5
D6.1Evaluation Design Report WP6
D6.2Training material WP6
D6.3Final Evaluation ReportWP6
D7.1Dissemination Plan, produced and maintained together with WP1WP7
D7.2Standardisation RequestsWP7
D7.3Workshop proceedingsWP7
D7.4 Socio-economic and market issuesWP7